Current scientific research points out, that the human “built in” genetic lifespan may soon cover some 120 years. Wow! – But what about quality of life for those in the plus 50’s or even more the plus 80s?

Finding the “Fountain of Youth” is something people dream about since the middle ages and the time of the alchemists, but  until to date nobody found it.
Getting closer to the “Fountain of Youth is fascinating and well worth working hard on it, but on the other hand still a long term goal of projects and different activities that have to be worked on piece by piece.

Our goal is to become the umbrella organisation, covering different topics all connected by leading to the long term goal of achieving a maximum active life span where current typical physical and mental diseases of the elderly are not really bothering that much as today.

Our goal is to collect, sponsor, generate and spread valuable information about keeping your individal attractiveness and quality of life on the top level as long as possible. We consult, integrae and support leading experts from various disciplines around the world for all those of you who want to get there step by step.

Following our advice shall help you to rebalance, stay attractive, healthier, optimize your mental and physical powers, learn to listen to your body and let you push the pen longer.

Would’nt it be great to teach your grand- grandchildren bicycling and swimming one day?

Thus we look at all options not just to extent the life span, but especially to rise quality of life, promote endurance, physical and brain power and safe health care costs in the elderly population.

Projects may lead to better options for the individual to optimize their quality of life and thus touch various aspects of internal and external aging.
Of course this shall lead to products that are widely used and generate profit.
These products may be in the area of nutrition, supplementation, cosmetics, detoxification, individual diagnostics and advise, trainings or books …