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Jungbrunnen - Fountain of Youth

The metaphor of "The Fountain of Youth" is something people dream about since at least the middle ages. Many books where written, unknown territories discovered, numerous artworks created, but until to date the magic fountain was not found.

Like many scientists, we believe its a stepwise aproach. Our mission is to offer services and products on various aspects under the topic and to spread the news,.

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About Us

  • We believe everybody, who takes care on himself, can be beautiful, stay young, balanced and healthier.

  • We want to motivate people to monitor and listen to their body's signals more closely and take action.

  • We believe there is truth in some ancient wisdom and modern scientific discoveries in parallel.

My Services

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What I offer


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Contact Us

Jungbrunnen -
Fountain of Youth GmbH

Cantianstrasse 23
Postbox 580263
D-10412 Berlin, Germany

T +49 30 69200496 - 0
F +49 30 69200496 - 2
Email: info@jungbrunnen.co

General Manager:
Dr. Lars von Olleschik-Elbheim
HRB 151017 B, Berlin-Charlottenburg
VAT ID: DE290827001

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